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An extract from Jelvia: Not Human book 1   Holding out for a Hero   He parted her ass cheeks and pressed his thumb against her small hole. A small pressure, and then he let her go to cup her … Continue reading

Excerpt from Holding out for a Hero – a seriously HOT new romance from the writer of Eden #erotica #spanking #alienromance #inlust

Holding for a Hero

Book one from the Jelvia: Not Human series



1.L. Wise (3)

Where the Jelvian people came from no one really knows. 

They have just always ‘been there’ despite the history books saying it’s an impossibility. Human birth rates are dropping while the Jelvias are growing. The governments all over the world are running scared, humans are terrified, yet everyone is complacent about their changing world.

Journalist, Macy Shaw, seeks that all-exclusive interview and sees her chance when she has an accidental encounter with the sexy but kinky Jelvia, Narcifer.

Here’s a scene from that interview.

hero41p2x+NlyIL‘I’m trying to build ambience.’ She could see that he’d relaxed. She’d ask him generic questions first before hitting him with some bruisers. She wasn’t sure how he’d react when she asked them. She was nervous, but not scared. She felt safe with Narcifer, and her “payment” would be pleasurable for them both.

‘Please tell me the difference between your venom and your saliva.’

‘My venom isn’t in my saliva; my saliva is the same as yours, which we have shared so intimately.’ He grinned at her, and she raised her eyebrows.

‘No flirting,’ she said, and his grin widened. He continued,

‘The venom or toxin is a projectable bullet-type shell. It takes an effort to use, and we have to be taught how to use it.’

Macy wrote down his answers in shorthand.

‘What do you mean by effort?’

‘I have to concentrate. Try rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time. It’s like that. You have to focus, although it does get easier the more it’s used.’

‘So the safest Jelvia is an angry one?’

‘Or one making love.’

She peeked at him over the top of her notebook, and he blew a kiss at her. She smiled.

‘What makes you decide to kill someone?’ she asked.

He looked startled and didn’t reply.

‘Why did you kill Jay?’ she said, changing her line of questioning.


‘The man who attacked Courts.’

‘Men who prey on women deserve to die. I did it to protect other women.’

‘Do you kill your own murderers and rapists?’

‘Yes. There is no place for them in any society.’

hero41p2x+NlyIL‘I completely agree, but even so, don’t they have a right to a fair trial?’

‘They get a fair trial—of a kind. We don’t kill every human murderer or rapist. Many are languishing in prison, some even get away with their crimes.’

‘But why kill humans at all?’

His all-black eyes stared at her, she stared back.

‘Not going to answer that one?’ she asked.

He remained silent.

‘This interview thing between you and me.’ She made a hand movement indicating herself and him. ‘It’s a two-way thing.’

‘Some things I can’t answer,’ he said.



Macy regarded him thoughtfully. ‘But why? That’s the top question all humans want to know.’

‘To stop the flood,’ he said.


‘Nothing. Forget it, Macy. Ask me another.’

She sighed. ‘Okay, but why are Wardens judge, jury and executioner over our human criminals?’ This was something Courtney had said once, and it was a question she was keen to ask.

‘You’re getting a bit harsh now.’ He stood up. ‘The rain’s lessened. Shall we go for a walk?’

Macy uncrossed her legs and stood up. Watching him, she unfastened her jeans and hooking her thumbs into the waistband wriggled out of them. Tossing them to one side, she sat back down.

hero41p2x+NlyIL‘Sit,’ she said to Narcifer.

Narcifer sat back down as if she’d pressed a remote-control button on him. He loved to look at her, she noted and raised her knees. His eyes followed the movement and lingered down there. Her knickers covered her, but his eyes on her most intimate region excited her anyway.

‘Now, answer the question, what gives you the right to be judge, jury and executioner?’

‘Erm, sometimes… most times … we do gather evidence. But, with Jay, I saw with my own eyes how he was with your friend. That was enough evidence for me.’

‘But what gives you the right to have that power over another person? Where was Jay’s defence?’ Slowly she spread her legs and hooked them over the arms of the chair.

‘You’re such a tease.’ Narcifer licked his lips.

‘Well?’ she prompted.

‘I, er, did get into trouble for his death. I should’ve marked him down as a potential threat to humans instead of… Macy! I can’t talk when you do that!’

‘And what about Mardle and Becks? Why did you kill them?’

He cleared his throat and peeled his eyes from between her legs to rest on her face. ‘I’m not going to fall for it, Macy!’

She half smiled, then lowered her hand and touched herself, watching him intently. His mouth parted, and his all-black eyes glistened as if an intense emotion was captured in them. She pulled her knickers to one side and revealed her pussy to him.

‘Well, Narcifer? Do you blindly kill, or do you do your own research?’

He made a guttural sound in his throat, and when she peeked at him, he was gripping the arms of the chair. His knuckles had turned white.

‘Well?’ she asked again. She pushed two fingers inside herself, closed her eyes and tipped back her head and moaned as she fingered herself. The moans were exaggerated, knowing it turned Narcifer on.

‘We have our own researchers. They do all the hard work. We just follow orders.’ He spoke quickly.

Macy continued to masturbate, her eyes open again and watching him. ‘Have they ever been wrong?’

‘Not while I’ve been a Warden.’

‘Why do you kill humans? Why not allow us to punish our own criminals?’

He growled at her and dropped to his knees in front of her. His face was inches from her own hand touching herself. He licked his lips and didn’t reply.

hero41p2x+NlyIL‘Maybe Aldarn will like my interview technique?’ she asked.

He glared at her. ‘I don’t think so!’

She laughed, then rubbed her clit slowly, watching how his gaze followed the movement. His breathing had deepened, and he lowered his head and nuzzled her hand as if fighting with her fingers to get inside her. He sucked her little finger.

‘What’s it like to kill someone?’ she asked.

He stilled then looked up at her. ‘Still interviewing?’

She lifted the tee-shirt she was wearing and pulled it off. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She cupped her breasts, arched her back and let out an ecstatic sigh of pleasure.

‘Ah, I see,’ he said. ‘This is to get your own back from our time in the cave.’

She opened one eye and gave a half smile.

‘To answer your question about what it feels like, I distance myself from it. The person I’m killing isn’t a person. It’s a disease. A disease of humankind.’

‘And what do you call a disease? Now it’s murder, rape etcetera, but what about thieves and other, lesser, crimes?’

Narcifer didn’t answer. Instead, he lowered his head between her thighs. Macy gasped as his tongue thrust inside her. He gripped her hips, half pulling her from the chair, and fucked her with his tongue.

She clutched the arms of the chair, and the questions she wanted to ask emptied from her mind. He slowed it down and loosened his hold on her before sucking her clit, causing her to cry out.

He moved up her body, trailing kisses over her flesh until he reached her breasts. His cock pressed hard against her leg as he took one nipple between his teeth, then sucked. He left her breasts to kiss the base of her throat.

Macy’s hands gripped his back; her fingers splayed over the hardness of his shoulders. His breath spilt over her face before he seized her lips in a hard kiss.

They broke apart, panting heavily. The notebook and pen had long ago fallen forgotten to the floor.

‘I love the way you interview,’ he said.

‘It’s not going to plan. You can’t keep your hands—or tongue—to yourself!’

His mouth twitched. He was still kneeling between her legs. His hands brushed up her thighs, opening them again. ‘But now it’s time for the payment,’ he said pulling his eyes away from between her legs to her face.


His all-black gaze searched her eyes. ‘A spanking!’

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If you enjoy psychological thrillers, this dark comedy romance could be the one for you! #psychological #thriller #dark #humour #depression #blackdog

 Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love!

Valerie Anthrope is neurotic and a regimented loner whose life unfolds after a ‘chance’ encounter with a stranger who brings colour into Valerie’s otherwise grey world.
Valerie Anthrope, nicknamed Misanthrope, struggles with human connection. She struggles with social skills and tends to keep her emotions behind her tight control. Nothing is missing in her carefully timetabled life of avoiding social interactions. She’s a workaholic through choice—it stops the loneliness from eating her from the inside.
But everything changes when Valerie meets Ellen, her self-acclaimed fairy godmother. And it is Ellen who, by wanting to help Valerie, introduces her to her playboy nephew, Lex.
Smooth-talking, sexy as sin, egotistical know-it-all, Lex Kendal thinks he’s God’s gift to women—until Valerie knocks him back. His interest is immediately piqued but Ellen warns him off, telling him that Valerie isn’t the kind of woman to cope with his ‘bed ‘em and dump ‘em’ mantra.
Can opposites attract?
And if they do, should they?
Oh no, I’ve Fallen in Love! explores the whole range of human emotion through the intimate dramas of people struggling to understand themselves and others, and the only way to survive is to open your heart.
Updated for 2019 and available from most online bookstores:

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